Park View City Islamabad – Project Details, Location & Plot Prices

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February 18, 2019
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Park View City Islamabad – Project Details, Location & Plot Prices

When it comes to living a better life or setting the foundations for future business, we all plan for the big cities like Islamabad. In those big cities, we aim to have a perfect location with the astonishing atmosphere for living and flourishing environment for the business.

You cannot go to the city and pick up the location on your own. This is why housing societies have been built to entertain you with the best you want. Park View City Islamabad is one of those societies which provides the luxury which one can imagine. Park View City is located in the heart of Islamabad, and it will be very much fair to call it the real definition of tranquillity and luxury.

Park View City Islamabad – Project Details, Location & Plot Prices


When it comes to finding a better business environment or a perfect friendly neighbourhood, there are many things which are needed and essential. More importantly, Park View City Islamabad has the potential to attract you because of its entire livelihood, and we will be discussing those features in this article in a precise descriptive way.

A project of Vision Group, Park View City Housing Scheme Islamabad is owned by one of the most senior & active members of PTI Mr Abdul Aleem Khan. He is current Provincial Minister of Punjab for Local Government and Community Development, in office since 27 August 2018, just after PTI formed the government in Pakistan & its providence Punjab.

Park View City Islamabad Location

Park View City is located in the heart of Islamabad on Malot Road next to Bahria Enclave in the lush green surroundings of Bani Gala. It is a small housing scheme which is spread over an area of 1200 kanals of land.

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According to the society officials, this land has been acquired for the phase I and three more phases will be launched in the near future. You can raise your family or business in such a prime location which is not only peaceful and calm but also enriched with facilities needed by a child, a teenager, a grown-up or an old one. Book your plot today with the best of Park View City.

Key Features of Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad housing scheme is not less than any other modern housing schemes. It has a contemporary infrastructure with modern constructional plans. There are no signs of load shedding either of electricity or gas.

All the supply lines of electricity, gas, and water are underground and operate 24/7. Which makes it a perfect fit for your loving family or growing business. It is a modern city within the city because you will find everything here like schools, colleges, hospitals, mosques, shopping malls, gym, zoo, food street, cinema, parks, sports ground and sports complex.

The Sports complex has both indoor and outdoor sports like swimming, bowling, snooker, golf and many more within the walled community which allows you to enjoy your time here in a de-stress environment and utilize all the health needs.


There were rumours that the NOC of the Park View Housing Scheme was cancelled and it is true. The NOC was cancelled earlier because of its inconvenient approach through Malot Road. The society was contesting their case against CDA, and now the real news is that Capital Development Authority (CDA) has restored their NOC which allowed the widening of the access road to the society from Kuri Road.

Mr Aleem Khan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has managed to get the NOC for this housing scheme in Islamabad, and he has started the promotional campaigns once again. However, the society did not stop the development work even after the cancellation of the NOC, and it is still in progress after getting the NOC again.

Park View City Islamabad Map and Pictures

Park View this is a legal society and CDA has approved its constructions. Therefore, the map plan is available for the scheme which seems very attractive on the paper and pretty nicely mapped in reality as well. You can see that Park View City is precisely on Malot Road. It also has easy access from Kuri Road.

Here are some of the pictures for your interest from the housing scheme. You can see the development some of which is done and some of it is in progress.

Payment Plan of the Society

The Payment Plan is boxed below for both commercial and residential Plots

Residential Plots

Size of Plot Sales Price Membership Fee Total Price Booking 20% Quarterly Installments
5 Marla Rs.3,950,000 Rs.7,500 Rs.3,957,500 Rs.797,500 Rs.395,000
8 Marla Rs.6,000,000 Rs.12,500 Rs.6,012,500 Rs.1,212,500 Rs.600,000
10 Marla Rs.7,000,000 Rs.15,000 Rs.7,015,000 Rs.1,415,000 Rs.700,000
1 Kanal Rs.12,500,000 Rs.25,000 Rs.12,525,000 Rs.2,525,000 Rs.1,250,000
2 Kanal Rs.27,500,000 Rs.50,000 Rs.27,550,000 Rs.5,550,000 Rs.2,750,000

Listed price plan clearly states everything. Booking is available with 20% down payment. The rest of the amount would be payable in 8 equal instalments in the next 2 years, 4 instalments per year. Booking is open in developed blocks A, B, C, D and E and also in non-developed blocks. New blocks have also been introduced having the same rates mentioned above earlier.

Commercial Plots

Size of Plot Membership Fee Total Price Booking 20% Quarterly Installments
6 Marla Rs.100,000 Rs.30,000,000 Rs.6,000,000 Rs.3,000,000
8 Marla Rs.200,000 Rs.40,000,000 Rs.7,000,000 Rs.4,000,000


As CDA cancelled the NOC, but the Vision Group managed to restore the NOC after great efforts. Since then, the prices have also been revised, and these are the new prices officially announced by society.

The Payment mentioned above plan is reasonably affordable with ease of 2 years instalments, many of the people can buy these residential and commercial plots.

Development Pace

Aside from the payment plans, fast-paced development is another brilliant feature of this scheme. All the developments have been done already in initial blocks A and B. The way the development is going on, no sooner it will be a new modern city inside the walls.

If you want a luxurious lifestyle, then book your plot today, because limited bookings are available at the revised prices. These all plots are for sale, and you can get the file of any of them by simply paying them the amount. Many investors have picked up the plots for investment in this housing scheme.

Project Completion:

The official date of the completion of this project has not been announced by the society officials, but it is expected that all the constructional work will take 2.5 years to be completed at this pace. So stay tuned!

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